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9 risk Factors for Dementia that you Probably Didn’t Know About

One-third of the world’s dementia cases could be prevented, a new report is warning. And there are nine factors, starting as early as childhood, that could be increasing your risk of being diagnosed with the disease. Some of the risk factors are obvious, including social isolation and physical inactivity, but others are novel such as […]

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What Whack-a-mole Has Taught Researchers About Dementia

Nobody enjoys being tested for memory problems, a stressful process with questions that can seem irrelevant. Dr. Frank Knoefel, a physician at the Bruyère Memory Clinic, knows about the stress. Besides, these tests are notoriously inaccurate as cognitive abilities decline. So, with help from partners ranging  from universities to an Ottawa day program for adults, […]

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Nursing Homes Take Steps to Stop Social Isolation of Seniors

Despite a 95-year age difference, five-year-old Tony Han Junior and centenarian Alice Clark enjoy each other’s company. After decorating Halloween cookies together Han brings his own masterpiece, smothered in smarties and sprinkles, to Clark and encourages her to try it. Few words are exchanged, but smiles and giggles are constant at the intergenerational program at […]

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