Archive | July, 2019

Active Brain Use Helps Maintain Cognitive Function

Rachel Wu, an assistant professor of Psychology at the University of California conducted a study that involved seniors in their 60s, 70s and 80s immersing themselves in a university-like atmosphere by enrolling in three quite rigorous courses.  Over a three month period the participants took part in 15 hours of class each week and completed […]

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Reducing the Risk of Brain Atrophy

Hours of sitting and poor posture are most likely contributing to cognitive decline, according to a new UCLA study. A simple change of posture can cause a redistribution of blood throughout the body, which can help improve the blood supply to the brain. Read full article here:    

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A Personalized Approach Could be Key to Cognitive Decline

Despite the fact that age is a major factor in cognitive impairment, 85% of older adults will only experience a range of age-related cognitive impairments (ARCI’s) and will never develop Alzheimer’s Disease. Other factors such as family history, education level, physical inactivity and chronic conditions such as heart disease and diabetes also contribute to cognitive […]

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