Archive | January, 2020

Fitness Class Created for People Living with Early Onset Dementia

Robin Meyers, director of community support services for charity Carefor in Ottawa, Ontario came up with the idea of offering a fitness class to people with early onset dementia. Meyers noticed that all of the fitness programs available were tailored to people with Alzheimer’s who are normally 65 and over, and younger clients felt like […]

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When the Mind Gives Out Before the Machine

Margaret Munro shares a poignant story of life with her father who is living with advanced Dementia. As his cognivite abilities decline rapidly, a pacemaker keeps his heart beating steadily. A cardiologist offered little discussion about the inescapable realities of aging and death, rather offered hope with a device that might get him to the […]

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Housing Concerns Causing Increased Anxiety in Seniors

Rising house prices along with an acute shortage of affordable housing options for young people is causing a great deal of anxiety in young millenials. Seniors are also dealing with their own housing dilemmas, often facing the challenge of maintaining a home on their own on a reduced income while their physical strength is waning. […]

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