Montessori and the Need for Movement

According to Maria Montessori, movement is an expression of life. It is the harmony between the intellectual mind and physical action which gives human beings a purpose. It is the foundation to order and the natural laws of the universe.

Movement is a combination of three aspects: the brain, senses and muscles. The will of the mind and the reaction of the physical body are inherently linked and cannot be isolated as two separate functions or entities. The nervous system is the communication system of the body which connects these aspects. It recognizes sensation or stimulus.

The nervous system is jointly controlled by the brain and the heart. The brain works like a filing system making chemical connection of all the information received from the nervous system, organizing it, and sending responses. The muscles are tools of the brain connected to the skeleton, driven by reaction to information sent to and from the brain through the nervous system. Montessori calls this process willpower, and states that without this ability of mental expression there is little possibility for mental development.

Read how the restriction of movement in people living with Dementia can curb the human spirit:

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