Ontario Government Updates Guidelines for Visitors to Long Term Care

The Ontario government has clarified visitor rules for long-term care homes, saying the updated guidelines will even the playing field so families and caregivers across the province have greater access to residents.

The new guidelines, which come into effect Sept. 9th are meant to be an improvement on the current rules, which the Ministry of  Long-Term Care notes have been applied inconsistently, as their application was left up to the discretion of individual facilities.

Under the new rules, essential caregivers will be allowed to visit homes, including during COVID-19 outbreaks, subject to direction from the local health unit. The updated policy will mean a resident can designate two caregivers who can visit without time limits.

Read article here: https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/toronto/ontario-caregivers-long-term-care-visit-1.5710144

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