I found the Montessori Dementia program to be excellent.  Background information was provided as well as many practical suggestions. What I learned during the course was that I was not going to come away with a pre-packaged program. Instead what I came away with were values which need to be part of every interaction with people with Dementia.  It was like looking at people through new lenses. Thank You!

– Thérèse Meunier


I am able to relate much better to the residents I assist with meals. From your course I learned that engaging with them, gently touching their hand and singing with them are all good things to do. I also found out more about their background and interests and used that in conversation.

– Sandi Friedman, Volunteer


I was impressed with the Montessori approach and the teachers were very enthusiastic and knowledgeable. I have a client who is in the later stages of Alzheimer’s and I have been applying some of the techniques and have seen improvement in some areas. I find that the repetition method does really work.

– KC, Caregiver and RM


The Montessori Dementia Program’s online course was very informative. I enjoyed doing this course. Thank you for all the information.

– Shrameeta Shrestha