Dr. Raza M. Naqvi, MHSc, MD, FRCPC

Dr. Naqvi completed his medical school at Western University in London, Canada and went on to complete his residency in Internal Medicine and fellowship in Geriatric Medicine from the University of Toronto. He also completed a Masters in Bioethics at the University of Toronto.

Dr. Raza M. Naqvi is a Geriatric Medicine specialist who is a Part-Time Assistant Professor at the University of Toronto.

Dr. Naqvi has published and presented research nationally and internationally on various topics including preventing cognitive decline, cognitive assessments in diverse populations and many other areas.

Dr. Naqvi was actively involved in the creation of the Montessori Dementia Program and teaches many of the associated modules.

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Dr. Sehrish Haider, MBBS, MSc (candidate)

Dr. Sehrish Haider is a physician who is focused on medical research.

She is pursuing a Masters degree on communication gaps in dementia care from Western University in London, Canada.

She is a strong believer in the Montessori approach and will be teaching several of the Montessori Dementia Program modules.

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Dr. Mohammed Akbar, MD

Dr. Mohammed Akbar completed his medical school at Windsor University School of Medicine and has a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology.

Dr. Akbar is a General Psychiatry Resident in Oklahoma, United States of America.

Dr. Akbar has been involved with poster presentations during the American Psychiatry Association and American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Annual Meetings, and case reports in the role of psychotropic medications in psychiatry.

Dr. Akbar believes that the Montessori approach is a tool that can better the quality of life in individuals, as well as their families, when dealing with dementia.

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